Delivered Strategy ..

  • Experienced Senior Managers with a highly ethical approach to business and plenty of 'hands on' experience
  • Extensive achievements in multiple disciplines
    • Sales; Product Management; Branding; Marketing
    • Procurement; Outsourcing; Supply Chain Development
    • Manufacturing; Quality; Health & Safety
    • HR - Recruitment & Development Processes
    • Risk Management; Insurance; Claims Management; Business Continuity Planning
  • Multiple Industry Sectors
    • Automotive (Cars & Heavy Duty Vehicles); Gas Turbine Filtration; Construction; Consumer Durables; Oil & Gas
    • Retail
  • Established Network of Customers & Contacts
    • UK & Europe
    • Russia
    • Middle East
    • Asia
    • USA
  • Offering to support your business ..................

Why could you need help?

  • Locked into the day-to-day routine of running a successful business?
  • Got a myriad of ideas but no resources to make anything from them?
  • No time to look at a different way to grow the business?
  • Not sure how to reverse business decline?
  • Business growing faster than the people and skills available to you?
  • Concerned and mystified about what do with Brexit?


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